Ultrafiltration modules perform barrier task against to bacterias, viruses and other microorganisms with it's 0,01 micron pore diameter membrane structure. They give back all specks bigger than this diameter. UF obtains less than 0,1 NTU turbidity value and shows perfect filtration ability on organic substance disposal.

Chlorine dosing is one of the most common method for disposal of microbiological dirtiness in drinking water. Effect of chlorine dosing method is pretty effective but is not %100 solution. Organisms that can resist to disinfectants like some spore forming microorganisms can not be hold by chlorine. Pore diameters of membranes we use at ultrafiltration systems are smaller than diameters of microorganisms therefore we purify them from water with %100 trustfully. The organic substances and chlorine compounds can create trihalomethanes and toxic effects of these trihalomethanes on human body cause cureless illnesses. UF doesn't add any addition to water, doesn't leave waste, doesn't produce undisered oxidative substance. These are most important advanteges of ultrafiltration.

UF modules are perfect for filtration of surface water, pre-treatment of sea water before RO desalination, treatment of recycled waste water and can replace conventional and biological treatment of water for feed to RO systems.

Moreover, UF systems are used successfully for sea water treatment, food and beverage process, natural drinking water factories, removing bacteria and disinfection of water indirectly and lots of special projects. It constitutes a key part of systems of special design for waste water recycling and process of recycling of water origin MBR.