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Is Serving In The Field Of Environmental Technology. We Service Sales And Installation Of Water And Waste Water Treatment Systems. We Give Service As Engineering, Designing Projects, Consulting, Manufacturing, Revision Of Existing Facilities, Operation Of Water And Wastewater Treatment Plants In Abroad And Domestic Market. Our Company Does Projects On A Turn Key Bases For The Physical, Chemical And Biological Waste Water Treatment Plants, Water Treatment Systems, River Water Treatments, Well Water Treatments, Sea Water Purification, Softening And Demineralization Units, Reverse-Osmosis Systems, Disinfection Systems, Concentrators, Mixers, Pressure Sand-Carbon -Anthracite Filters, And All Treatment Plant Equipments. We Have Our Own Trademarks As US-RO For Reverse Osmosis Systems And US-WCU For River Water Treatment And Clarifier Systems. We Could Also Supply All Kinds Of Pumps, Pipes And Fittings, Odor Removal Systems, Liquid Bacterial Production And Supply, Water Treatment Chemicals And Laboratory Equipments. Our Main Exporting Countries Are Middle East, Turkish Republics And Balkan Countries.

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